Ethernet Private Line/Lan (ELINE/ELAN)


Domestic Ethernet Leased Line

Guaranteed bandwidth network link and an ultra low-latency service utilizing Carrier Ethernet over Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (EoDWDM) technology.


Aries Telecoms domestic Leased Line Service is a guaranteed bandwidth network link and an ultra-low latency service utilizing Carrier Ethernet over Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (EoDWDM) technology.

EoDWDM technology expands Vlan allocation and auto provisioning using the MEF defined service profiles and offers quality and functionality using MEF defined service control and high- quality OAM and CFM function.

With a wide variety of bandwidth options, flexible interface types that even allow for the use of the existing telecommunication devices (Legacy Network Equipment), and access multiplexing option that integrates multipoint communications, this high-quality and highly-reliable Aries Telecoms Domestic Private Leased Lines Services enables the customer to build and operate large scale Enterprise network.


When it’s vital for you to have trustworthy connections between your HQ and Branch sites, you need our Domestic Leased Lines services. We are offering:

  • Fast, high capacity bandwidth from 4 Mbit/s up to 10 Gbit/s or even multiple of 10Gbps
  • High levels of security and reliability (Layer 0 to 2)
  • End-to-end high availability (Multiple protection Paths)
  • Suitable for IP, IP telephony, video, fax, email and other business-critical application (Multiprotocol)
  • Service is provisioned when you need them, with provisioning guarantee by SLAs
  • 24/7 Customer Services and Support (CSS)
  • Round the clock monitoring by Aries Telecoms Network Operation Center (NOC)

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